PC Solutions for Home and Small Business

Providing computer repairs, upgrades, technical support and custom systems for users of all kinds.

Specializing in:

  • System upgrades of all kinds
  • Complete custom Windows systems
  • Data transfer from floppy disk or VHS tape to digital format

Bluedigital now offers VHS to digital transfers!

Transfer your old VHS tapes to DVD or any other digital media format! Save those cherished memories – weddings, parties, even sonograms – for years to come.

Your movie will be transferred to a high quality, high capacity DVD disk, playable in DVD players or your computer. You may also save your file in another format, such as .avi or .mp4, playable on many other devices such as tablets.

No cheesy menus or crazy special effects – just your cherished memories.

Also: free your floppies! Transfer your old floppy drive files to digital formats!

It all begins by calling (412) 254-4034 or emailing bluedigitalpgh.com to set up your free consultation.


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