Game Review: Crayon Physics Deluxe

Crayon Physics is a simple puzzle/sandbox game in which the solution to each puzzle depends on the creativity of the player.  The goal is simple: get the red ball to the star (or stars) on the field.  You do this by drawing lines and shapes that behave in accordance to how they are drawn: a slanted line becomes a ramp, a shape becomes an object with weight in proportion to it’s size.  You can also put pins which create anchors or pivot points for objects, creating wheels, swinging hammers and levers.  Solutions, at least early on, are relatively simple and straightforward in order to teach you how the physics of the game operates.  Further along your creative juices will be flowing and occasionally frustrated.

figure out how to get the ball to the star

figure out how to get the ball to the star

While simple, it’s very charming in it’s simplicity and style.  It seeks to be fun without being goofy, and educational without being stuffy.  Even simple games can become challenges to find the most interesting way to solve the puzzle, not the simplest.  No wonder it one of 6 winners in the 12th annual Independent Games Festival!  And the price is only about $20.  With the level editor thrown in the replay value is limitless.

It’s a favorite of my 6-year-old son Taylor, who when asked why he liked it said, “it’s just fun”.  The hours spent on it confirm this fact.


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