Windows 7 almost here…

Microsoft released via email that Windows 7 is now in the RTM (release to manufacturing, not read the manual, which you better do anyway) stage.  This means that manufacturers of PC’s now have it on hand to load on to new machines.  Retail copies should be available in October.

I had the chance to review a release candidate a while back, and while I generally liked it I found that it severely messed up my boot record when I installed it alongside my existing Windows XP.  Microsoft’s site states that dual-booting XP and 7 was possible, but the only repair I could find for my problems was a complete reformat and reinstall of XP.


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  1. I had the same problem when I tried dual booting XP and 7. It took me a while to try and correct it. Luckily I use a program called Macrium Reflect (There’s a free verion) and I had my XP system imaged. Phew!

    • I tried a few different things and none worked – thankfully I didn’t lose everything, just had to waste a night reinstalling everything. Thanks for your post!

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