Windows 7 means DX11: are the big players ready? (Updated!)

“Extremetech posted an article concerning ATI’s and nVidia’s preparedness for Windows 7.  The new version of Window’s builds on the graphics-handling developments of Vista and hopes to improve on them even further, making the graphical eye-candy of Vista less processor hungry (read more here).

Both ATI and nVidia have Windows 7 drivers for some current hardware, however the writer is worried that full implementation of DX11 will go beyond mere drivers and require qualitatively new hardware – not just faster clock speeds or more RAM.  And given that Windows 7 is practically on the shelves, there’s suspicion that neither the PC game makers nor hardware vendors will really be ready for it for some time.”

Well thankfully vendors have risen to the occasion and are cranking out DX11 capable video cards by the shovelful.  Even more thankfully, manufacturers are making DX11 capable cards available to the budget crowd.  ATI’s HD 5000 series cards are a great example.  While these budget cards are definitely “budget”, they are capable performers for those building new systems or moving up from a much older card.  Maximum PC reviewed the HIS Radeon HD5770 for example:

For the low price, you have to give up some graphical amenities, like antialiasing. It’s worth noting, however, that the HD 5770 still delivers 38fps in the Far Cry 2 action scene and 51fps in Ubisoft’s HAWX flight sim with AA and AF enabled. And like all the HD 5000 series, you can connect up to three displays to a single card.


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  1. Windows 7 means DX11: are the big players ready? .Thanks for nice post.I added to my twitter.

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