Windows 7 for under $7??

Software pirates are taking advantage of Windows 7’s upcoming release to retail by selling hacked copies of the OS for about $6 in China. Vendors have apparently had the stuff on the street for about a month already, which is really not surprising given that the release candidate has been out for some time.

As with all hacked/pirated software, there is a very good chance that it either will work for a limited time (say the first patch or service pack), won’t work at all, have various nasties like spyware built in to the code, or even worse come with built in rootkits and keyloggers that will harvest passwords and other private information to sell to identity thieves.

All in all, this should not come as much of a surprise to anyone, including Microsoft. In fact, Microsoft may actually benefit from pirated downloads in that when they become non-functional, users who can’t spend hours trying to find a workaround – if one exists – will be practically forced to buy the real thing.


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