Skip Windows 7 for Google Chrome OS??

While Windows 7 is garnering more than it’s share of buzz, another operating system is quietly waiting in the wings to just maybe kill some of that buzz: Google’s Chrome OS.

News first began circulating on July 7 after Google announced on their blog that they are planning an OS based on their Chrome browser, which in keeping with Google’s current library, will be free.   The OS is planned to be an anti-Windows: lightweight, open source, and browser-based.  Sound a little like Linux?  That’s because it’s built on top of a Linux kernel, not a completely new one.  That will help programmers and developers create content and ultimately roll out installations and help for new users.

It already has interest from companies including Acer, HP, Adobe and Toshiba, which is a good sign that it will not vanish into the ether.  Google plans on having the OS available in 2010, in fact.  With that in mind, many would-be Windows 7 adopters may be tempted to wait and see what Chrome looks like before they plop down $200 or so for 7.

While many are asking if Chrome will kill Windows, that likely isn’t to happen because the two are so different in terms of goals and capability.  Windows will likely still dominate workstations and home desktop PC’s, especially for gamers, professional photo and video editing, and media servers.  Will it run MS Office?  Probably not.  Fallout 3?  Probably not.  But in the emerging market of netbooks Windows is more vulnerable as evidenced by the popularity of Acer’s Aspire One netbooks, which run Linux.

Depending on how well it’s received and ultimately it’s utility, Chrome may become similar to Apple’s iPhone OS: not a Windows killer overall, but the best at what it was made to do.  Think about it – if you could run your PC in the same way as your iPhone, would you?  If you would, then Microsoft may have its hands full.  Who knows – maybe Chrome will work its way into our vocabulary the same way, well, “Google” has.

I for one am waiting to see what transpires and readying my wife’s aging Dell laptop for a brain transplant.


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