Apple vs Microsoft: Has the innovator become the imitator?

PC World recently posted an article that makes the rather astonishing claim that Apple’s updated OS X operating system, dubbed “Snow Leopard“, is a “pale imitation of Windows 7”.

The title itself caught my attention, as Microsoft Windows’ user interface was originally seen as a pale imitation of Apple’s Macintosh and even spawned a court case by Apple (as well as a made-for-tv movie in ’99).  He sites among other things, Apple’s inclusion of a 64-bit version of OS X (which Windows has had since just before Vista with XP 64-bit and its inclusion of QuickTime Pro as a free feature (à la Windows Movie Maker).  Responders questioned his facts though, and most were already waiting for their copies of Snow Leopard to arrive.

Snow Leopard seems to be more of an incremental upgrade rather than a big jump in terms of features.  However, I can’t see any reason to say that its an imitator.  Especially when understood that users have been using third-party applications like Stardock‘s  WindowBlinds to make their PC’s look and act like Macs for years now.

You can look here for a piece on how 7 is like OS X to get the view from the other side of the fence.  And given the fact that negative opinions outweigh the positive 5-1, I’d say most weren’t swayed by his argument either.


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