News More Interested in Snow Leopard, Public in Windows 7

I recently checked the volume of search requests on Google for Windows 7 and Apple’s Snow Leopard using Google Trends.  While the news wires have been flooded with reports on Snow Leopard, recently surpassing Windows 7, the general public still seems more interested talking about and finding out about Windows 7.  In July news and general Google search requests for Snow Leopard peaked, briefly surpassing news hits for Windows 7.  However the public still remains much more interested in Windows 7.

In another interesting comparison, Google searches for Ubuntu have remained consistently high over the past year, surpassed only by Windows 7 searches in July (putting aside the occasional peak).  Ubuntu searches have also been much more frequent than that of Snow Leopard.

This shows that while the public continues to be more interested in Windows 7 than Snow Leopard, even with all the recent news about the launch of Leopard, Ubuntu may be more of a threat to the Windows monopoly than OSX.  Now if Ubuntu and the rest of the Linux community could capitalize on this interest.


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