Road From XP to Windows 7 May be Bumpy

I’m going to be joining the exodus from my much-beloved Windows XP to Windows 7 as soon as I get access to my pre-ordered key.  However I’m anticipating a pretty rough road ahead.

This is not only due to upgrading from XP to 7, which requires a complete reformat of the disk, but from the move from a 32 to a 64-bit OS.  I’ll need all new drivers, maybe new firmware, who knows.  And that’s what scares me.

ComputerWorld noted several important steps, such as running the Microsoft Upgrade Advisor and getting appropriate motherboard drivers.  These steps are easily missed and could result in a severely borked system if not done, so I recommend checking out the article on your own before upgrading.

Thankfully my hardware is not an issue.  If anything, the move from my 32-bit XP to 64-bit 7 will open up avenues I didn’t have before, particularly in RAM capacity.

Software is going to be a bigger problem.  I don’t expect needing to buy new software, but I’m not looking forward to downloading compatible drivers and programs all over again.  And never mind having to reinstall everything – and the endless rebooting – which will take a day in itself.

What I’m really dreading is the backups.  I learned long ago to keep my documents, music, photos and videos on a separate partition on my hard drive (or on a second drive, which is even better).  I’m still going to back those up just in case something goes haywire though.  But then I also have to save program settings, email addresses and mail, saved games, and so on.  The fear is of course that I will miss something which will be erased during formatting.

When 7-day approaches, I’ll give you a rundown of my experience.


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