Windows 7 Installation Woes Day 1: This is Going to Take A While…

My initial joy at the beginning of “Windows 7 Day” died at about 12:05 AM this morning, the victim of not even being able to get the thing to install.

I began by doing the first moderately thorough backup of my files in a few years.  I bought a stack of blank DVD’s for the occasion and will probably use a bunch more up before I’m done.  I then proceeded to  download the installation file from Digital River.  I had pre-ordered Windows 7 Home and Premier via Digital River through their marketing program targeting students for the moderately insane price of $30.  It would be a direct download.  Yesterday they sent me an email with the download link and key and I started the day by spending about 2 hours downloading the file while at work.

After backing up files and crossing my fingers I ran the .exe file that I had downloaded later that evening.  At first I tried to unpack it but it lacked enough space on my drive, so I deleted old programs and freed up space.  I ran the installer again and when it reached the end it popped up an error that the folder was read-only.  I checked the folder and yup it was, so I unchecked it and ran the unpacker again.  Same deal.  Three times later, same deal.

We then began the tech support mambo.

I initially called Microsoft.  I sat on hold for only 5-10 minutes and spoke with someone there who said that the problem is the distributor’s, not theirs, and they connected me to Digital River.

I sat on hold for about 45 minutes with music that seemed to want to channel Eric Johnson’s “Cliffs of Dover” along with the constant refrain that my call would be answered “shortly”.  When I finally got hold of someone, she wasn’t able to help.  I described the problem but she seemed to either be 2 steps behind or ahead of me at all times, trying to figure out either what I was going to say or what I had just said.  After a couple more shots of sitting on hold, I was told that there wasn’t an answer yet but that my problem was being “escalated”.  I asked if they could send a DVD with the installation package on it already set up but she said that they couldn’t.

I expected that this would be a bumpy ride, but I didn’t expect the first bump to come before I even installed the thing.


Apparently this is already a very large problem for folks upgrading from 32-bit XP.  Microsoft already has a couple of forums dedicated to this problem, and most are raging against MS for this flop.  I’m not sure if this is a MS problem though, as it seems to be Digital River’s package.  However, if this is the package that they gave Digital River, then the blame’s sharply on them.

Workarounds are already being hashed out.


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