Burn an Disk Image for Your Digital River Windows 7 Download

Lots of folks were burned when trying to install Windows 7 64-bit while running XP 32-bit, myself included.  The download works fine, but when the .exe file tries to run and unpack itself, it halts at the end and gives an error message that the folder properties have been locked and files can’t be copied there.

This is because 64-bit files cannot be read or copied in a 32-bit environment.  Microsoft and Digital River should have considered this when sending out the download, as it basically makes the downloaded file inoperable.  A disk image would have solved the problem.

Thankfully, NixonInnes over on Microsoft’s forum board has found a workaround to unpack the .exe file to a disk image or .iso file.  It can then be burned with Nero, PowerISO or similar program.

Here’s his post:

There is a way to create an image file dispite recieving this error we seem to be all recieving.

1. You will need to use an additional Microsoft command-line tool, called Oscdimg.
Details here
Download here

Download the .zip file and extract it. Then cut and paste the Oscdimg.exe file into your C:WindowsSystem32 directory

2. You now need to start up your command prompt, which can be done by Start->Run then enter ‘cmd’ into the prompt. (Run as administrator if in Vista!)

3. You should now have the command prompt open, now you need to use the Oscdimg tool to create the image, by entering the following:
Oscdimg.exe -u2 -bC:<YOUR DIR> expandedSetupbootetfsboot.com -h C:<YOUR DIR> expandedSetup C:<YOUR DIR> Win7.iso

For example: Oscdimg.exe -u2 -bC:UsersJamesDownloadsexpandedSetupbootetfsboot.com -h C: UsersJamesDownloads expandedSetup C: UsersJamesDownloadsWin7.iso

It will now scan the source tree then begin creating the image. PLEASE note: you must replace ‘<YOUR DIR> ‘ appropriatly as to where you have downloaded the files.

4. You should now have an image file, called Win7.iso, in the same directory.

5. You can now burn this .iso file to a blank DVD using appropriate software. I personally use PowerISO (You dont need the paid version to burn the image)

6. Viola! You have your not so shiney Windows 7 disk. Restart your computer and install away!

Note that when you type in the address in step 3, any spaces in the address need to be replaced with an underscore or else have no spaces in it.  I put my .exe file in C:Windows7 to avoid this problem and the image burned fine.

Note that you will need to reboot and run the installer at boot.  Haven’t tried that yet, but will soon


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