Windows 7 Installation Day 2: Not So Bad After All

On a prior post I noted that my downloaded Windows 7 Home Premium was basically worthless on its own and needed to be unpacked to an .iso to really be useful.  I decided last night (during a typical insomnia episode) to bite the bullet and install 7.

Installing 7 over my version of XP required using the custom installation mode, which wiped out XP completely.  I was ready for this, but I’m always fearful when I do it anyway.  I keep my documents and irreplaceable files on a separate partition which usually keeps them sage, but I was worried that 7 would require a complete reformat of the whole disk.  Thankfully it didn’t.

I popped the DVD in and rebooted.  Setup ran immediately and walked me through in a pretty straightforward way.  It took a little while to reformat the partition and the “0% completed” task bar had me a little concerned as it did so, but once it got started it only took about 35 minutes to setup, install, and do its reboots.  The provided key worked perfectly and nearly everything was picked up right off the bat.  The only lingering problem is my ancient SoundBlaster Audigy audio card, which doesn’t seem to be supported as I can’t get sound.  My motherboard’s sound works perfectly though.  The rest of the night was committed to getting the other essentials like Office, Quicken, Firefox and so on up and running.

While 7 is going to take some getting used to after using XP for years, it doesn’t seem too confusing.  I think the majority of my time for the next few weeks will be spent updating drivers and reinstalling programs.  The fact that this is all working out of the box makes me very happy.


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