AMD’s Future Has Combined C/GPU’s, 16 Cores!

I’ve long been an AMD user for my home builds, going back to my K6-266.  In my book, AMD has always been perfect for budget-conscious home builders as their products often surpassed the more expensive Intel processors in terms of performance and value.  While AMD has lagged behind recently and Intel’s Core-i7 processor has mostly wiped out the lead that AMD had in the performance market, AMD has big plans to shake up the industry.

Extremetech recently revealed AMD’s roadmap for 2010-2011, which features not only improved processor speeds and thinner, more efficient manufacturing processes, but a whole new kind of processor and an exponential increase in terms of multi-core processors.

The biggest news I think is AMD’s “APU” or Fusion processor, which combines the CPU (core computing) and GPU (graphics) onto one 32nm chip.  This promises to improve computing efficiency as well as power.  Fusion processors will feature as many as 8 cores on a single die, but won’t be available until 2011.

AMD will also focus on the notebook market, moving many of its desktop CPU products to that sphere.  That means not only dual but quad-core notebook CPU’s with integrated DX11 compatibility.

Finally, AMD will push the envelope beyond quad-core CPU’s to include a 6-core Opteron model in 2010, all the way to the 12-16 core “Bulldozer” model in 2011.

All in all, the future looks exciting.  Unfortunately this means my Athlon X2 is aging by the second!  If there’s one thing you can count on though, it’s that this year’s bleeding-edge is next year’s Wal-mart special.


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