Google Getting Serious on ChromeOS

Not long ago news leaked that Google was advancing rapidly on it’s Google ChromeOS platform.  On Nov. 18th they released a video on YouTube detailing what they expect Chrome to do, as well as what it won’t.  Another very interesting – but brief – video on ChromeOS’s interface is also highly recommended.

As expected, ChromeOS is going to be lightweight, low-maintenance (hopefully) and cloud-based.  It really is the first OS I’ve seen that is pushing the idea of having nothing on your hard drive but your operating system to the masses.  It will be curious to see how the public embraces the concept.

A few years ago, people weren’t ready to not have their data located with them, either on a disk, a USB drive, or the good ol’ hard drive.  Now, as wifi has made mobile computing practical and m0bile phones have become feature-rich computing platforms of their own, cloud computing may not be as much of an intellectual stretch than it was.

The real test will be how secure that cloud data is, and not only in regards to being hacker-proof.  If you are still using hard storage (disks and drives) and your PC or the Internet goes down, you at least know where your data is even if you can’t access it.  If your data is in the cloud and the cloud suddenly vanishes or becomes inaccessible, the sweat shall flow.


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