Good & Cheap Game Review: World of Goo (PC)

World of Goo is a single player puzzle game that is simple enough for kids to learn and enjoy and full of enough snarky humor and social commentary to keep the more geeky adults in line as well.  It quickly took the place of the previously reviewed Crayon Physics as my 6-year-old son’s favorite game.

World of Goo is in many ways an amazing game.  It was created by 2D Boy Studios by a team of 2 guys with neither office space nor venture capital.  The game won several awards and lots of merits from the press and public for its design and gameplay.

The game revolves around living gooballs of various types, each with their own ability.  You then use these gooballs to build structures or solve puzzles, with the main goal to be to get a set number of balls to a pipe which sucks them up.  The games range from very easy to downright frustrating, but the good thing is that none of them involve incredible leaps of logical reasoning as in the Myst series.  The game itself is relatively short but in all very satisfying.  Even when you’ve solved the whole thing, you can go back and try to achieve “OCD” status on any level.

The game is notable not only for its gameplay but for the edgy humor that pokes fun at everything from geek culture to consumerism.  Some of it you’ll get and some you won’t, but it’s always good.

You can’t beat the price either – at $15 this is one of the best cheap games out there.  It’s available as a demo if you’d like to try it for PC, Linux or Mac.  It is also available as WiiWare for the same price.


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