Office 2010 Final Thoughts, (or at least semi-final)

So I’ve lived with the beta of Office 2010 for a while and while it hasn’t been a bad experience it hasn’t been a wonderful one either.  While 2010 does add new features, I don’t really think that most users will use 1/2 of them.

My biggest complaint is with Outlook.  It adds new features but hasn’t added practical features, like the ability to import mail and contacts from popular email programs like Thunderbird.  It can still import from the archaic/little used ones like Lotus, but that doesn’t help most of us.  The fact that it saves contact addresses as business by default is also just plain stupid.  There may be a work-around, but there shouldn’t need to be a work-around for something this basic.  Thunderbird is still my email client of choice right now.

While there is a lot of good stuff in 2010, it just doesn’t seem like a necessary upgrade from 2007.  Especially given that price ranges down from $500 for the Office Pro version to about $100 for the basic Student version.  The good news is that for those whose workplaces will be upgrading from ’07 to ’10, the forced upgrade won’t be too much of a leap.  The jump from 2003 to 2007 was a big one.  This one should be easier to handle.

I’m not sure if I’ll upgrade from 2003 yet either.  As much as I like 2010 (and ’07), my wife is much less comfortable with it.  So I’ll keep 2010 until the clock runs out on it and then probably regress back to 2003.  Provided that MS will let me do that.


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  1. Yeah, I hear you about Outlook 2010. I tried it out today and by trying out I mean spending an exorbitant amount of time getting Thunderbird messages to Outlook, which was an extremely tedious and complicated process. But in the end setting up accounts in Thunderbird, syncing every account in ONE inbox seems much more intuitive then managing multiple accounts with multiple inboxes in Outlook or having to specify rules to get everything synced up (which still have some bugs in Outlook 2010).

    I’m surprised you’re using 2003 – 2007 seems so much more intuitive and a breeze to use compared to convoluted feature laden menus of ’03.

  2. My wife is primarily attached to 2003. It’s surprising though, that 2007 seemed unintuitive to me until I got used to it!

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