Windows 8’s Cover Blown?

There’s been a great deal of blog-buzz around an internal post on MSDN that was quickly taken down (here’s Google’s cached page) which hinted at Windows 8.  For all the hype, there’s not much you can really take away from it.  Sure it says that

“the next version will be something completly (sic) different from what folks usually expect of Windows”


“it will change the way people think about PCs and the way they use them. It is the future of PCs…”

but does that really tell you anything?  Sounds like Windows 98, Windows XP, so nothing major.

Some blogs, such as InfoPackets, think that MS is planning a revamp of the kernel based on this leak.  I think that’s a biiiiig stretch at this point.  You could just as well say they’re not calling it Windows anymore.  Other hints are that it is cloud-based, uses 128-bit architecture, and so on.  Who knows – it may be so revolutionary that it will be open source!

He also stated that the team is using customer feedback in development of the new OS, which isn’t new either in terms of preliminary design.  Office 2010’s beta has a built-in feedback system to provide yea’s and nays to the Redmond boys.  But if MS intends to use feedback in development after the package releases to the public, that could be very revolutionary.

The author did apparently call the system Windows.Next, which could be the official codename or it could just be his own invention.   If nothing else, I think the name has stuck.  So whoever wrote the original post should copyright it fast!


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