RocketDock 1.3 a Worthy Desktop Addition

Windows has always seemed to lag behind other operating systems in terms of desktop coolness: no fancy icon dock a-là Apple’s OSX, and no switchable desktops or windows effects found in Linux.  While Windows lacks the innate ability to have these fancy – and useful, by the way – effects, there are a multitude of third-party applications which can do the trick for you.

One of my favorites has been RocketDock, a freeware application which allows you to create a desktop toolbar to quickly launch applications.  It is highly customizable and also very stable.  Hundreds of skins and custom icons are available, and best of all, customization is relatively easy.  Want to add an icon?  Just drag it to the bar and it pops into place.  The video below shows it in action.

While it’s not officially tested for Windows 7, it installed and runs fine on my Windows 7 HP system.  It has occasionally locked up when my computer comes out of hibernation though, which may have something to do with the alpha-blending settings.  Not a deal-breaker though.

I’ve used both RocketDock and ObjectDock, which is a similar free dock program by Stardock, and have found RocketDock easier to work with and just plain better.  It’s a great way to clean up your desktop, provide quick access to programs without hunting through the start menu, and look cool doing it.


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