Sprint’s 4G Phone Arrives in Las Vegas

CNet recently reviewed a number of new phones on display at Las Vegas’ CTIA 2010.  The one that really captured attention was the HTC Evo 4G by Sprint.  It offers a boatload of features, including Bluetooth, WiFi, a huge 4.3 inch display (bigger than the iPhone), an HDMI output for connection to a monitor or TV, 1Gb of internal memory which is expandable to 32Gb using a microSD card, and GPS.

4G (which stands for 4-th generation wireless technology) access right now is still relatively limited, but is expanding.  Sprint’s 4G WiMax network through Clearwire is ahead of the pack.  It is currently in 27 major metro areas and is soon expand even further (yes, even to the ‘Burgh!).  It will be available for not only cellular smartphones but also for portable PC’s as well.

All in all, this looks like it could be a viable iPhone killer for those looking to upgrade their current devices.  There may not be the lines like there were for the iPhone, but the future of 4G definitely looks good.


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