The Tax-Refund Build Day 2: Blood and Glory

Day 2 basically involved installing the DVD, hard disk and floppy drives, as well as the video card.  Pretty easy, don’t you think?

Oh, did I mention the sharp edges on the case?  Well I took about a 1/2 inch slice of skin off my thumb while trying to remove a faceplate cover to install the DVD drive.  This case is just as sharp as a knife on the inside.  It still hurts, thanks for asking.  It’s still nice to look at on the outside.  The power supply will do just fine and have just enough connectors for everything thankfully.  If I had just one more DVD or hard drive I’d be in big trouble though as there aren’t enough connectors.

The actual installation of the drives is straightforward: put in, screw in, plug in.  Taylor was great to help here.  I think he’s minoring in screwing things in in 1st grade.  Only thing I realized is that I don’t have a floppy cable, so I’ll just wait and pull it from the old PC.

the case pre-drives

the case pre-drives

After installing everything I plugged in the monitor to see if everything worked so far.

Even though I can’t boot to Windows yet, the monitor is great.  An excellent size and pretty bright and sharp.  I can’t wait to see HD on it.

I powered up the computer again with the monitor on and – BSOJ (Boot Screen of Joy)!!  The system booted and even though I couldn’t do much after that I was able to get in to the BIOS and poke around.  So far, everything looks fine and dandy.  Next step will be to flash the BIOS to the latest version, format the drive and copy the old Windows partition on to it.

Day 3 will be the final test…the brain transplant.


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