Windows 8 Strategies Leaked

Microsoft Kitchen (as reported by Lifehacker) posted a pretty comprehensive series of images that purport to be from MS central command which detail possible features, specs, and marketing strategies for Windows 8.  The leak is a pretty extensive one if it’s legit – the Kitchen posts a number of presentation screens that go into serious detail.

For example, Microsoft allegedly seeks to become more like Apple (one may say “again”) in terms of brand loyalty, mystique, and quality.  Touch displays, integrated webcams for facial recognition, and Internet access are considered standard as well.

One item I found interesting was that Windows 8 seems to focus on 3 form factors: tablets (or similar handheld units), laptops and all-in-one PC’s.  Notice anything missing?  If you’re thinking of the big beige box under your desk or propping up your monitor, that’s it.  Microsoft apparently sees the ubiquitous big-box PC as either a dinosaur doomed for extinction or as the future habitat of only the ubernerd who still wants to build their own computer.

There’s nothing said about interface or requirements, no real significant screen shots, and a lot of conjecture.  Still, it’s interesting to see where their thinking is going.  There’s a lot planned for the future of your computer according to Microsoft, and that’s exciting.  We’ll wait and see how it actually turns out.


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