Flipping the Switch: Going from PC to Mac (pt 1 of ?)

My wife’s ancient Dell latitude (certified for Windows 2000!) is terminal.  It “runs”, but only in the very broad sense of the term.  It was decided to put the old girl down.

In searching for a suitable replacement (Internet, email, portable, actual battery life, occasional use of Word and Excel, DVD playback, cheap) I came across an unlikely subject, the Apple iBook G4.  This character runs Apple’s OSX Tiger (even Leopard in some cases), is about as small as a large netbook, light, has a DVD combo drive and runs online at under $300 easy.  Yeah it will be used, but that’s fine with me.

Having cozied up to Windows 7 I’m a bit unsure as to how the transition to OSX will be, but I’m cautiously optimistic.  I really wish I had a benchmark to compare the iBook to in realistic PC terms, but it really does seem to be like comparing apples to, pc’s.  Sorry, had to.

I looked to find a comparable PC but found that at least one of my must-have’s was out.  Netbooks are light and inexpensive, but none have DVD’s and buying an external one misses the point.  Scarce few laptops fit the bill as well, and most of them were Dell’s which I did not want to go back to.

So I took the bait and ordered my iBook G4 from Amazon for a paltry $280 with shipping, and that included Office 2004 for Mac.

Still, doubts linger in my head…will 512Mb of RAM fit the bill or will it lag?  Will it network OK with my Windows 7 PC and printer?  Will my wife, who has little patience for change, chuck this out the window?  Will I start reading MacWorld and become even more pretentious?  Stay tuned, true believers!


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