From PC to Mac Part III: Still No Printer

I gave my wife the new (to her) iBook for Christmas, and so far so good.  Her first impression was that it was a little beat up, but she was immediately impressed with how fast it ran in comparison to the Dell from Hell.  It took about 20 minutes to transfer about 900Mb of files from the Dell to a USB drive, and then just over a minute to transfer them from th USB to the Mac.  That says a lot.

I managed to install MS Office for Mac 2008, but it hasn’t had much use yet.  She’s also a little frustrated with Safari, but I was thinking about swapping that out with Chrome anyway.  Fully charged it lasts for just over 2 hours, which is good given how old the battery is.

One thing that has stood out to me has been how easy it is to install and uninstall programs.  Windows usually requires a lot of dialog boxes and so on.  In Mac, you just drag it to the applications folder and it installs with a few dialog boxes but not much hassle.  Then drag it to the recycle bin to uninstall (unless I’m dong something wrong!).  I am going to have to educate myself further on the OS, so any suggestions are welcome.

I still don’t have a printer working.  I tried contacting Microsoft, Apple, Epson and PureNetworks (I had installed Network Magic on the Mac thinking that might solve the problem) and nobody could help.  Actually, nobody even got back to me about the problem.  A family member recommended using a print server so I ordered one from Wal-Mart, thinking that if this didn’t solve it I could take it back easily enough.

Hopefully I’ll report back soon on the printer issue.


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