PC to Mac IV: Mega print server fail, woes multiplying

I received my TrendNet print server today and tried installing it.  Of course, it didn’t work.  Even after all my investigating, I did not notice that the software included worked only with x32 bit systems…not my x64 Windows 7.  I discovered this only after calling tech support.  Thankfully I had purchased this item online from Wal-Mart, so back in the box it went.

So I plugged my printer back in to the PC.  That was about 3 hours ago.  Then came the deluge.

The printer didn’t work.  It showed up as there, but I couldn’t print to it and the print manager couldn’t communicate with it.  It wouldn’t even read the ink levels.  I uninstalled all the TrendNet software, reinstalled my epson software and drivers numerous times, tried System Restore, and all nothing.  The scanner worked, but the printer part just hung there when I tried to send test pages to it.

I called Trendnet and no help.  I called Epson and no help.  I called TrendNet back and still no help.  I uninstalled, reinstalled, cleaned out the registry, unplugged, replugged, rebooted…I think I even sacrificed a chicken in there somewhere.

Then I turned the printer physically off and back on.  It worked.  Whatever gum was in the gears worked its way out and now, at 11:52 pm, I’m going to bed.

Now that the print server option hasn’t helped, I might try contacting Apple one more time and see if they can’t talk me through the problem.


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