PC To Mac V: Everything Else

For those of you wanting to get right to the moral of the story, here it is: buy a networkable printer.

I gave up trying to get my current printer recognized by the Mac.  A recent trip to the Apple store didn’t help, and I’ve simply run out of energy and interest.  I think that the core problem is probably due to one of the following:

  • My antivirus/firewall (Bitdefender)
  • My wireless router (my telecom-provided Zonet)
  • NetworkMagic

The simplest fix at this point would be to buy a network-capable printer, which I don’t have the money for (home repairs trump printers).  We can access files from the Mac on the PC, so we can print Mac files from the PC without problem.

Otherwise, my wife has liked the Mac.  Adding the mouse definitely helped her along in terms of using the computer, and apart from some slow network days we’ve had no glitches.  The biggest issue I have is screen size, as my eyes are horrible and I tend to either need a big display or lower screen resolutions.

I’m thinking that getting some sort of Network Attached Storage (NAS) for backing up both the PC and the Mac, as well as storage of media files.  My PC’s hard drive is getting cramped with stored video files, so I had been considering bumping up to an internal terabyte drive.  But backing up the Mac is also a priority now, so getting a NAS might be a great solution.  Some NAS devices also have USB inputs that could allow for a printer connection, also solving the printer problem.

Once I find one I’ll put it on my Amazon wish list – the birthday’s a-comin’!


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