Try These Webcomics to Brighten Your Day

As I write this, I can hear the sound of cars and people outside my office sloshing through the 3 more inches of snow last night.  My feet are still cold from shoveling said slunk from the driveway this AM.  On days like this, you need a good cup of coffee and some awesome webcomics!  Here are some of my favorites (which tend to lean to the quirky, geeky and/or juvenile side).

XKCD, updated about three times a week, looks very simplistic with its black-and-white stick figure characters.  But don’t let that fool you.  The cartoons are often riddled with sarcasm and inside jokes (mostly directed at sci-fi/fantasy geeks, mathematicians and software engingeers), and can sometimes be downright profound.  Mostly suitable for work, but there is a little language here and there.

Indexed is updated almost daily, and also falls into the simple-yet-profound category.  The ‘toons are Seinfeld-esque observations of the world boiled down to graphs and Venn diagrams on index cards.  Subjects include things like the ratio of diapers to teeth and the common features of Santa Claus and Osama bin Laden.

Dinosaur Comics is unique in that it follows a more typical “Sunday-comic-strip” style, but has used the same graphics since it started: only the dialogue changes.  The strip follows the exploits of T-Rex, Dromiceiomimus and Utahraptor and feels kind of like an episode of Friends crossed with The Big Bang Theory, with T-Rex constantly threatening to step on things.

One of my all-time favorites remains Homestar Runner.   This homemade flash cartoon site is based on the authors’ early attempts at a children’s book, and it retained it’s juvenile weirdness on the web but focused instead on 30-something Nintendo addicts.  There’s a whole cast of characters involved, including the  Homestar Runner, his plunger-shaped girlfriend Marzipan, and the anti-hero of the group Strong Bad.  Strong Bad’s replies to reader emails are a highlight, but everything is good.  There’s even an awesome selection of flash-based games that emulate classics like Zork, Adventure and other 16-bit console games.  Unfortunately it is no longer updated regularly, but there is so much content that it will keep you busy for months.


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