Not Excited About Windows 8

If you still haven’t switched from Windows XP to Windows 7, I’d seriously consider doing so.  First of all, Microsoft will soon stop supporting Windows XP with fixes and so on, leaving you vulnerable to security issues and behind the ball in terms of software and hardware support.  Granted it will still work, but it’s future usefulness will be limited.  Secondly, and probably more interestingly, I’m not all that thrilled with the upcoming Windows 8.

“Whaaa?  I just got Windows 7 and now there’s gonna be an 8??”  Yep – probably in 2012, and it looks to be a drastic change from what Windows is and used to be.  But that may or may not be a great thing.

Windows 8 will have a very different interface, much more like the new Windows 7 Phone operating system or the iPad than the Windows 7 or XP that’s currently on your PC.  Touch will also be much more prevalent, making it directed toward mobile devices like phones and tablet computers that use touch screens.  Microsoft is also making a drastic change in their software development by making Windows 8 run across multiple platforms.  Ideally the same Windows 8 can be installed on your home pc, your laptop, your phone, your tablet, your media center, your car…the possibilities are really endless.

While this sounds cool, developers are freaking out as the only way that Microsoft can manage this level of compatability is to strictly control what manufacturers make and what software creators develop.  Chances are also pretty good, in my opinion, that a lot of current Windows software will need to be completely rewritten (and re-bought by us) in order to work with the new program and interface.

The main reason I’m not that excited is that I’m just not convinced that a touch-focused interface like the iPad’s is that helpful or useful for traditional home pc’s.  It could work, and in some cases work better, to have a touchscreen interface for your traditional home computer.  And touchscreen monitors for desktop home computers are already available and aren’t as expensive as you might think.  However you’ll still need a keyboard and mouse for most operations.

There’s lots of buzz out there about Windows 8 so if you’re interested in it, or wondering if you should skip upgrading to 7 if you haven’t already, a quick search will yield lots of information.


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