iDrive: Easy Backups While You Wait! (and wait…)

I’d been looking for a simple and cost-effective cloud storage solution for my data, and there were certainly a lot of choices out there!  Dropbox is a popular choice but I settled on iDrive because you can get 150Gb of storage for about $5 a month.  That’s a great deal.

iDrive is very basic, but that’s all I need.  My wife uses Dropbox for her work files, because it allows her coworkers to pull and edit files easily and she only needed the free 2Gb of storage.  But I needed to backup some large data files to get them off my home PC, as well as important documents, photos, and home movies.  iDrive offers 5Gb of free storage, but that wasn’t going to cut it.  The pricing for iDrive’s storage is as low as I’ve seen – 150Gb @ $4.95/month compared to 100Gb on Dropbox for $20/month.  There’s almost no comparison.

So I signed up and started backing up the files I wanted.  But then I saw how long it was going to take and just about flipped – it was going to take almost six days, over 150 hours.  And that was using only a fraction of the space available to me.  I backed off some of the folders which cut back the time considerably, but it still is pretty significant.

It’s still going to be over two days to transfer 16 gigs of data.  Much better, but still a lot, and it’s only a fraction of what is available.

pull up a chair, son

At this rate, the chances of me using all that space is nil, but at least it’s cheap.   That transfer rate is the culprit.  I’m not sure if the problem is my ISP, iDrive’s network, or what, but that is slow kiddos.

Still once it’s done it’s done, and I shouldn’t need to do more huge backups down the line.  We’ll see how things go.  This should at least hold off the new hard drive (or, even better, home network attached storage) for a while.


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