Facebook, Google+, or nothing?

I finally watched The Social Network about a week ago and while the movie was fascinating, it also showed me just how much Facebook has become a marketing tool.  Initially it was a place for – guess what – social networking.  Now it’s become a way to not only keep up with friends, but for companies to keep up with you every time you “like” them.

That’s one reason why this new thing called Google+ is so interesting.  Google+ is still in it’s beta phase, but it has a lot of attention and positive press.  But as it’s still in testing, you will probably hear everything about it third hand until it goes public.

If you’re dissatisfied with Facebook, or even if you are happy with it, I’d keep your ear to the ground regarding Google+.  I found this cool little video that gives some good reasons to make the switch (or simply switch off!)


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