Rant’n’@: Amazon.com!!!

I’m a huge Amazon guy.  Usually when I need something online that’s the first place I go.  Plus I’ve already written about how great it is to sell on Amazon compared to eBay.  Unfortunately it seems like Amazon’s getting so bloated with stuff and sellers that it’s getting to be a hassle.

Case in point:  I want to get a new bluetooth headset for my phone, so I surf over to good ol’ Amazon and type in “bluetooth headset”.  I get a page with some “featured” bluetooth earpieces, but I want to sort them from lowest to highest to get the best deal.  I do so and am immediately overrun with little bitty items like foam earpiece covers and neoprene cases.  I also get headsets that clearly aren’t bluetooth, or even have “bluetooth” in the title.  After going through 8 pages of this mess I decide to narrow the search to the $5-25 price range, which I hope will get me actual bluetooth headsets.

It’s a little better this time, but the list includes items way out of my price range and still some unrelated items.  Plus they still aren’t sorted by price as I can tell.  But at least I find one I’m interested in.  So I click on it and find out that it doesn’t qualify for free shipping as it’s not fulfilled by Amazon.  But then there’s a link that comes up to the same one with a slightly different name that is eligible for shipping, so I look at it.  But the price isn’t the same.  So I keep looking…and looking…and looking.  The best I could do was one for about $16, which is cheap but after all that work I had hoped for better.

After a lot of frustration I just give up.  Just for fun, I head over to Newegg.com just to see what they have.  In 30 seconds I find a decent one for $10 with free shipping.

Amazon used to be the best place to find stuff – period.  However with their new selling policies it’s becoming a victim of it’s own success.  It’s sort of like walking into a huge swap meet trying to find the one table that is selling the one thing that you need in a 50 acre field of tables with no map or directory to speak of.

Here’s hoping that Amazon can get their act together and make buying easier again.


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