Windows 8: Virtualization, Apple, and the Death of the Mouse?

A while back I talked about how I wasn’t that excited about Windows 8 yet.  Since then I’ve had a conversation with someone who is and he agreed to an interview.  Greg Holtz is a Software Engineer with 8 years experience and currently with Automated Health Systems, working mainly with .NET and SQL Server, so I asked him what he thought about Windows 8.

Techn’@:  I mentioned that I wasn’t that excited about Windows 8 and you begged to differ – so what do you like most about Windows 8?

Greg Holtz: I like how they are finally starting to pay attention to detail and fix/enhance the little things. For example, they have made big improvements to the Task Manager and Windows Explorer, which I use quite frequently in my job and at home. I like the Start Screen concept and how you can customize it the way you want, but I think it will take a little while to get used to. Most people won’t care (or even notice) these things, but I like how they are adding new features, for example, ISO mounting and Hyper-V. Lastly, I love how they are integrating Windows Live into the login process. Now you can login to any Windows 8 PC with your Windows Live account and it will pull down your Settings/Favorites/Bookmarks, etc from the Cloud. Being someone that uses up to 4 PCs, this is a great feature.

(for those of you lost already, Hyper-V is Microsoft’s new virtualization feature, which will allow developers and IT managers to install and run multiple OS’s on one machine)

Tn’@: Do you think it is going to make the basic home PC easier and better to use than Windows 7?

GH:  Yes, I think Windows 8 takes what was good about Windows 7 and makes it even better.

Tn’@: Do you think Windows 8 will be able to compete against Apple and Android on mobile devices?

GH: This remains to be seen. In terms of Phones, I think they are way behind and it will be tough to compete with the top 2. However, they may have a shot in the tablet market, if they can come out with a Windows 8 tablet very soon.

Tn’@: One thing that Microsoft has going for it that Apple doesn’t right now is a gaming console – the XBox 360.  Is Windows 8 going to be more integrated with the XBox and Kinect?

GH: Xbox will be integrated into Windows 8. (Greg linked the following video as well)

As far as Kinect goes, nothing has been confirmed, but rumors are that it will support it. It will definitely change the game, but I don’t think it will replace the mouse anytime soon. If you had to wave your hand every time you wanted to switch windows, your arm would get very tired over an 8 hour period.


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