Geeks of the World Reclaim Star Wars, 15 Seconds at a Time

The brainchild of Casey Pugh, Star Wars Uncut took the original 1977 Star Wars film, chopped it up into 15 second segments, and let fans claim them and recreate them as they saw fit.

The result is, simultaneously, ridiculous, witty, silly, endearing, creative, charming, puzzling, cheap…and awesome.

Honestly, this is just plain astounding.  The fact that the film is cut up into 15 second intervals, and that each segment was independently created by whatever means necessary, means that there is more creativity on display than in probably any major motion picture this year.  You’ll see hand drawn animation, paper hats, flash video, kids in garages, office hallways, legos on sticks, and dogs wrapped in tinfoil.  And I haven’t even watched the whole thing yet.

This should be screened alongside Lucas’ 3-D redo of The Phantom Menace and then the crowds polled to see which one had the better experience.


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