The iPhone 5 May Just Make The iPhone 4 & 3GS More Appealing

There have been (and will continue to be apparently) a ton of rumors about the iPhone 5. Some of the more outlandish ones have been that it will have a built-in projector to display your photos on the wall and have a laser-projected keyboard that will enable you to type on any flat surface just as you would a keyboard. The technology actually exists for the projected keyboard (it’s very Mission Impossible), but I just don’t see that as being useful. Just hard on your fingers.

One of the more reasonable rumors is that it will be released in September, accompanied by price cuts on previous models. Apple did the same with the debut of the new iPad, so it’s reasonable and savvy for them to do so again with the iPhone. Apple will still continue to sell the 3GS but the price may drop to free given you get a data plan and/or contract. I’ve heard prices for the iPhone 5 to start at about $200 subsidized and then up from there. Apple will also offer it unlocked I expect, but these will come at a premium.

There also rumors that the iPhone 5 will sport a new charger/connector interface, making all those prior i-peripherals obsolete. This is probably the worst part of the iPhone 5 upgrade, but will be a boon to add-on manufacturers who know you’ll need new cables, docks, and other hoojemawhatzits.

For the really cost conscious, as well as the savvy shopper, the iPhone 5’s introduction really be a windfall. There is already a hot market for re-manufactured and used iPhones, and after 5 debuts there will likely be a glut of 3GS and 4 models that you can purchase at deep discounts. If the dock is different, those older peripherals will also likely be on the clearance shelf. The Apple store itself is a great place to get re-manufactured iPhones, as they carry a regular Apple warrantee and are of extremely high quality. Other “reconditioned” devices are simply just cleaned and don’t have any sort of guarantee.  So if you’re considering an iPhone but are tight in the budget, consider waiting until after the Apple aficionados have traded in their new model and then  check out the prices on the 3GS and 4.


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