New Kindles Coming: Not Enough Spark

Amazon recently announced their new line of Kindle tablets, which includes a revamped 7-inch Fire and a 9-inch Fire. Both sport HD cameras and bluetooth, which are nice but still de rigueur nowadays. The larger model also has 4g LTE compatability, which helps as well. However the cost is still not that appealing to me: the smaller Fire is priced around $200 and the 9-inch model is priced at $300. But that cost also is subsidized by built-in advertising on the lock screen.

The announcement was probably timed to steal some thunder from Apple’s upcoming release of the iPhone 5 and the rumored smaller iPad. However I don’t see either of the Kindle’s stealing much from Apple’s market here. The price isn’t all that remarkable, given that you can get iPad2’s for relatively cheap now. The ads also kill it for me – there’s enough advertising in apps already that I don’t need my tablet adding to the noise. Plus the Kindle Fire line is still a glorified e-reader, and lacks the flexibility and punch of the iPad.

We’ll see what the market thinks.


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