Build Your Own Apple Announcement Rumor!

Apple iPhone September invite

Oh, the anticipation! Nothing gets tech bloggers and Apple fanboys drooling more than a prospective product launch. Rumblings and rumors abound. So to make life a little easier for those of us writers who want to draw attention to ourselves and watch twitter feeds explode, I’ve created some simple build-your-own-Apple-rumor cheat sheets:

“I’ve heard they’re going to add at least 3 ____________ to the  ______________!”

“The _______________ will be improved by ____ %!”

“The screen will be at least _______________________ and made out of ______________!”

“Surprise! They’re also announcing ____________ which will be due out in _____________!”

“Timothy Cook will pull the new iPhone 5 out of his ___________!”

“The new i__________ will be called the New i__________!”

“The iPhone 5 will be able to _________________________________ while simultaneously _________________________________!”

“Sorry, _________________ won’t be available for T-Mobile any time soon.”

That aught to keep the rumor mill churning away until tomorrow. Feel free to add your own in the comments, or fill in your best predictions using the list above.


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