Apple’s Unveiling Doesn’t Disappoint

Tim Cook’s public presentation of the iPhone 5 (you can call it that now) had the bloggerverse texting until their thumbs cramped up.  Interestingly enough the Foo Fighters opened up the morning event with an acoustic set. Tim Stevens at Gizmondo noted, “so how many iPhone 5’s do the band members get?”

Before the iPhone announcement Cook led with presentations of the revamped iPod lineup, including a vastly improved iPod nano with a 2-inch multitouch screen. The redesigned earbuds, called “EarPods”, claim improved quality due to directed ports for different ranges.

Anyway, here’s the real fun stuff:

The iPhone 5 will have a 4 inch screen, which is a significant improvement over the current model. It will also be a Retina display, meaning that the graphics will be stunning. It will also weigh less and be thinner than the previous model, and be encased in glass and glossy black or white aluminum.

image courtesy Wired/Apple


Major improvements have been made to the camera, according to ComputerWorld:

An upgraded camera has an 8-megapixel sensor with a five-element lens and a faster f/2.4 aperture, which should give better low-light photography. A “sapphire” cover protects the lens and gives sharper pictures.

Improvements were also noted in battery life, internal speakers, video capture (HD with better stabilization) and wi-fi (dual-channel 802.11n).

The other real notable improvement to the iPhone 5 is the A6 processor to push all that hardware. That, along with the improved display and sound, has the game industry very excited.

The rumors of a new plug interface proved true, with a new interface called Lightning taking the place of the wide, 30-pin model.

Pricing remains the same as the previous model, with the 16GB model starting at about $200 with contract.  Pre-orders will start on the 14th by the way. And for the late-adopters, the iPhone 4s is still available for $99 from the store with contract.

There was no news of the rumored smaller iPad though, so we’ll have so see if that materializes.

Perhaps the surprise of the day came with the announcement of a vastly revamped iTunes 11. The LA Times reported that the new store/player will offer:

  • Concert information on artist pages;
  • A new interface designed to have a cleaner, simpler look and feel more intuitive;
  • Playlists that are hidden until users need them;
  • Improved search functions; and
  • Built-in iCloud integration to allow users to access their iTunes-purchased music, books, movies and apps on any other Apple device.

I hope that the new iTunes works – it’s the Apple product I love/hate the most. If they fix Genius I’ll be happy.


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