What’s Between T-Mobile and the iPhone?

I love me some T-Mobile. I’ve been a loyal customer of theirs for some time due to their (in my experience) awesome customer service and reasonable rates. However they seem to be sorely lacking in the killer smartphone department. They have 4G phones such as the Android powered Galaxy S II and Galaxy Note, but still don’t have the Apple market at all. Which is a shame, given that AT&T and T-Mobile both operate on the same GSM network and that T-Mobile will likely launch a 4G LTE network in 2013.

Of course you can get an unlocked or jailbroken GSM iPhone to work on T-Mobile’s network, but the fact that there’s no agreement between Apple and T-Mobile to officially market their products makes me wonder if there’s some sort of shut-out agreement between Apple and T-Mobile’s competitors, especially AT&T.

News recently surfaced that T-Mobile will probably begin creating SIM cards that will work in the iPhone 5, so that users can easily move to an unlocked device. However this is cost-prohibitive for most folks, myself included, as these start at over $600.



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