Tesla Moves Closer to Solving Main Electric Car Issue: Quick Charging

Tesla Motors

photo: Tesla Motors


One of the main innovators in electric car technology in the US, Tesla Motors, recently rolled out a plan to build a nationwide network of “supercharging” stations that will charge cars in about half the time currently available.  Completely dead batteries will still take a while to charge, but Tesla’s new system will provide about 100 miles of range in about 20 minutes. By 2015 it hopes to have over 100 stations nationwide, and it currently has 6 in place in California.

This doesn’t solve a major problem, that of a standard charging system for all electric vehicles. The supercharger stations will only charge one Tesla model: the Model S. Given the limited production and availability of the car, that doesn’t make the solution (or the car) all that appealing. The limited number of stations projected also limits the practicality of the design in the short term. However this does signify that electric vehicles can at least begin to become integrated into the national infrastructure. It also will spur other companies to play catch-up and offer better, quicker, and more widespread solutions to the charging problem.

Some questioned the feasibility of Tesla’s project given its questionable ability to fill orders for the Model S as well as the availability of other options that might eliminate the need for charging stations on some roads. However the project does push the whole industry forward in the right direction.


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