AMD/BlueStacks Provides Optimized Android Store for Windows 8, Dusts Intel

photo: AMD/BlueZone via Wired

The bed shared by Microsoft and Intel just got a bit more crowded.

A joint venture between chipmaker AMD and software manufacturer BlueStacks will provide an  optimized “App Store”-like experience on AMD powered Windows 8 tablets and PC’s, giving the chipmaker an edge compared to its rival Intel.

BlueStacks makes software that allows PC and Mac users to run Android powered apps on their respective platforms. However this new program called AppZone Player will take full advantage of AMD’s specialized GPU and APU processors, and will feature nearly half a million titles. AMD hopes that this will make its platform and architecture more appealing to manufacturers and give it an edge over its much larger rival Intel.

Intel and AMD have had a long rivalry: Intel has a greater market share and its processors are often faster than AMD’s, but AMD has occasionally beat Intel to the punch with innovative multiple-core chip designs and lower prices. Intel’s prevalence in the marketplace and in advertising has made AMD appeared second-class to your average user. However more mobile technology has been built around non-Intel chips, making its brand weaker in those markets. AMD can hopefully capitalize on this in the near future.

Microsoft is even touting the AppZone rather loudly, and given that Windows’ own app store isn’t ready for prime time yet, AMD may have a home run in the AppZone.


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