Apple’s Updates Becoming More Frustrating than Inspiring

It used to be that whenever Apple released an update to its software, people came away with a happy, blissful smile. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case recently.

First it was iOS 6 and the borked up maps, the borked up YouTube, and pick any of the other apps that were either gone or non-functional (until their developers updated them). Now it’s iTunes 11.

I’ve been a happy user of iTunes for several years, even before I had an i-device to listen to my music on. However the updated version of iTunes has left myself and many others looking to roll-back to iTunes 10.

The interface is confusing. Granted, the prior versions had a lot of information displayed at one time. However that also made it relatively easy to go back and forth between things and also to find settings and so on. iTunes 11 takes a minimalist approach, displaying only one main window and the items that are relevant to that window. It is also a resource hog. Granted, I have an older CPU (a dual-AMD running at just over 2Ghz). However when this thing is running the CPU usage shoots up to over 80% at times and stays high even when iTunes doesn’t seem to be doing anything.

One thing that could be fixed still hasn’t been – and that’s Genius. I’m still baffled at how the Genius mixes picked music files that definitely do not go together, and why others still don’t have enough data to include them in a mix.

There are plenty of others not happy either, and it seems like downgrading to 10 is possible but not easy. Cupertino definitely wants you to stick with their newest software. Hopefully Apple will release an update to fix some of the issues, but it seems like Apple is catching up to Microsoft in the annoyance department.


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