2024 Pittsburgh Olympics? Here’s 10 Good Reasons

This is completely off my usual topic, but I just can’t pass it up. Pittsburgh is one of 35 cities who were approached to host the 2024 Summer Olympics. And no this wasn’t from the Onion.

The local response has been mixed to say the least, somewhere between “what and make traffic worse?” and “git ahtta tahn!”.  However let me provide 10 good reasons why Pittsburgh could and should host the Olympics.

10: Picture the opening ceremony’s dramatic conclusion – the lighting of the Olympic Cauldron, which is really the old pizza oven from Vincent’s in Forest Hills, by six hunkies, each dressed as one of the Lombardi trophies.

9: Our fine international cuisine (Mad Mex, Olive Garden, Pierogies Plus, Primanti’s) will make world-traveling athletes feel at home.

8: All track events could be held on various local roads to add difficulty, flair and drama. Picture the 400 being run on Rialto Street, parked cars and all.

7: We’re not really using that baseball stadium for much anyway.

6: Opening ceremonies would end at a reasonable 3pm so everyone could get going before rush hour.

5: If Pittsburgh hosted it at the same time as the Regatta and Arts Festival, we won’t have to pay the police overtime.

4: That whole G20 thing went over so well.

3: Malken’s parents could provide color commentary.

2: We could use the new North Shore Connector for something.

1: Pittsburgh would finally have a Summer.


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  1. Wow – I really miss working with you!!!

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