iPhone rumors: 5s, 6 in the mill

There is a framed, signed and witnessed document hanging on my office’s wall detailing the terms of a bet. That bet is on when the iPhone 6 will come out.

Speculating about Apple’s future product features and release date has become almost as much fun as the NCAA playoffs. Maybe that’s just me talking. But anyway there is a lot of interest in what the next iPhone will do and when it will come out.

The iPhone 5 was heavily anticipated, but also a bit of a disappointment for critics, given the lack of a killer feature bump. Yes it was better in many ways than the 4s, but most of that was under the hood.

There are probably going to be two new iPhone releases this year, probably called the 5s and the 6. While the office bet has the 6 coming out in Summer, that’s unlikely to happen. It’s more likely that there will be a slightly improved model on the near horizon, which everyone is calling the 5s for short. The rumored launch date for that is June 20. One of the rumors out there is that Apple is going to offer a cheaper model iPhone primarily for sale in markets like China and India, but will also make an impact in the US for those wanting an i-device but not the $500+ price tag. This model would probably lose some features like the enhanced camera, aluminum body and I’d speculate even the Retina display. Whether or not this will be the 5s is up for grabs (“s” for “sale” instead of “Siri”?).

In terms of new features, there’s hints at a Super HD display with 10-point multitouch, improved optics and camera flash, and maybe even dual-SIM capacity for travelers. There’s also NFC capability on the wish list, as well as some more James Bond-y stuff like fingerprint scanning.

For once, many are saying that Apple will need to play catch-up with makers like Samsung, whose Galaxy S4 is a real competitor and in some ways overshadows it. Apple has come under criticism for not being as innovative since Tim Cook took the helm, and problems with iOS6 as well as the iPhone 5 have dimmed its flame a bit. But Apple aficionados seem to be willing to wait in line for days for anything the company puts out. Here’s hoping that the “wow factor” will come back to Cupertino.


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