MS Office finally coming to iOS, maybe Android, in 2014

A leaked roadmap from Microsoft hints that MS is looking to port its cash-cow Office suite to mobile devices such as the iPad sometime in 2014. Maybe even mid to late-2014.

That to me is baffling.

To call Office a cash-cow is not overstating things.  A Morgan Stanley analyst noted that Microsoft could be losing out on as much as $2.5 billion in revenue due to their lack of support for mobile platforms. I don’t know if this is due to short-sightedness on Redmond’s part, but the industry is hungry for a real mobile office suite that compares even mildly to Office. Apps like Quickoffice Pro and Apple’s own Pages are reasonable alternatives, but don’t have near the polish and practicality that Office has.

The real question will be whether a hare will overtake Microsoft’s tortoise and beat them to the punch with a killer, affordable mobile office platform.


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