Windows 8.1, formerly Blue, hopes to impress


It’s official: Windows Blue is now officially Windows 8.1, and Microsoft is really, really hoping that you’ll jump on board now. Please.

Windows 8.1 is planned to be revealed in June and rumor has it that it will actually be a free upgrade, which will help appease disgruntled owners of 8 as well as help grease the wheels of those holding on to Windows 7. Information Week reports that several key features will make the upgrade – and the OS – very appealing. These include extended battery life, lower priced devices, and a further refining of the interface. This last point was probably the thing most users complained about, and hopefully the issues will be resolved. However what the end result will be like remains to be seen. Information Week quotes Windows chief Julie Larson-Green:

Microsoft is “principled … but stubborn” about the new interface, she said, even while conceding that a resurrected start menu “might be helpful” to some users. Muddying the waters further, she also said that Windows 8.1 won’t deliver “major changes,” and that “some things” — presumably, the stream of Win Blue rumors that had been steadily flowing for months — “are wildly inaccurately reported.”

Most users I think are expecting major changes, I think. Perhaps MS is trying something out of Apple’s playbook, trying to tell people what they want rather than giving them what they want. Unfortunately this can alienate users as much as win them.


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