iOS7 Beta released…are the 3GS’s days numbered?

image: MacRumors

MacRumors recently posted that iOS7 was released to developers for the iPhone 5, 4s and 4, along with the newer iPod Touch. Some commenters wondered about the 3Gs’s not being listed, hinting that maybe support for the device has reached it’s end in terms of updates.

I wouldn’t necessarily count it out yet. In order to assume that the 3GS was dead because it wasn’t included in the developer package, you’d also have to conclude that Apple wasn’t supporting the iPad anymore either.

However, with each successive update of iOS, the 3GS just gets further and further behind. As a 3GS owner, I’ve noticed increased battery usage and slower apps, as well as crashing apps. As with most software, successive iOS iterations have been designed to take advantage of newer hardware specs. If your device doesn’t have those specs, chances are you won’t have as pleasant an experience.

That doesn’t mean that the 3GS will stop working or cease to be useful. It may mean though that apps will gradually phase support out or else become unusable, leading users to become so dissatisfied with their product that they’ll move on. A bright spot in all this is that Apple may start a trade-in program for older iPhones, meaning discounts on the latest models as well as – hopefully – deep discounts on Apple remanufactured items.


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