Apple adding iWork to iCloud

iWork goes beta for iCloud

iWork goes beta for iCloud

Apple announced that it will be releasing iWork’s suite of Keynote, Pages and Numbers into the cloud and recently put beta versions up for users to try. After a brief try with editing a spreadsheet I use regularly I can say that I wasn’t too impressed. Numbers ran slowly, which can be a common problem with users running DSL. The lag was a definite annoyance. Numbers also favors a more spartan interface instead of Microsoft’s ribbon, which made it a little hard at first to figure out how to do things like freeze panes. I also couldn’t format the cells in the way I would like. Granted this is all in beta, so there’s no reason to throw in the towel yet. Current users of iWork will welcome the addition to the iCloud package I’m sure, and also not have the learning curve.


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