Is iOS 7 a hit or miss?

Since iOS 7’s rollout I’ve heard many complaints personally about the update. I’ve even have some folks ask me how to roll it back to 6 (which you can’t do easily as far as I know). The complaints have been mostly about connectivity, especially messaging and calls. There has also been lots of talk on the Net about poor battery life, and even of motion sickness linked to the new 3D interface.

I haven’t used iOS 7 on my iPhone, but I have installed it on my wife’s iPad 2. Overall it hasn’t been bad, but neither has it been spectacular. I think part of this is due to many of the best new features being “hidden” in the system. Unless you are willing to drill down into every setting or do some research online as to what the new features are and how to use them (like custom vibrations, head-movement recognition for custom device control) you will likely never find or use them.

That said, what have your impressions been?


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