First Motorola, Now Apple Builds US Plant

image: dailytech

Apple recently revealed that it will be constructing a new plant in Arizona, as well as has plans for building the new Mac Pro in Texas and a repair facility in Pennsylvania. The new Arizona plant will employ about 700 workers as well as create over 1000 construction jobs to build the plant. Tim Cook also stated that the plant will run on 100% renewable energy, most of which coming from a new solar grid Apple is planning.

Apple has faced a great deal of difficulty on the PR front due to labor issues in their Asia manufacturing plants, most notably those of Foxconn. While some of the components such as motherboards and chips will be made in Asia, the plant will be enough to to earn the “Made in the USA” label for products created there. There hasn’t been news yet about what exactly will be made there, but chances are that it will be within the Mac lineup. There are also hints that the plant will produce sapphire glass for screens.

This does help Apple in terms of appearing more environmentally and labor friendly. However the main issues with labor practices have come from Chinese plants making the iPhone, arguably Apple’s most popular device. Hopefully Apple will continue to move production stateside to aid not only their image but local economies and perhaps encourage other companies to do the same.


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