“8? What 8?”: Microsoft hoping Windows 9 will make you forget 8

MaximumPC recently reported that Microsoft is beginning to pump Windows 9, codenamed Threshold, and may announce further details at its 2014 developers conference. The product will likely roll out a year later.

image MaximumPC

Windows 8 has been, all things considered, a failure. Redmond managed to do the two things with Windows 8 it really needed not to do: alienate its consumer base and come up weak with a hardware line based on it. According to Paul Thurrot, Windows 8 is installed on less than 25 million PC’s (about 10% of total), with the now decrepit Windows XP still running on over 500 million computers by one estimate. As XP’s support is waning, usage is dropping. However there hasn’t been movement to Win8 apparently.

Desktop PC sales have declined overall, partly due to dissatisfaction with Win8 and the feeling that by taking a wait-and-see approach things might clear up. Hopefully MS will get the desktop right this time and allow users to boot to a more familiar interface, and therefore increase adoption and satisfaction overall.


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