Turn Box into your free 50Gb Windows Backup drive

use Box not only as cloud storage but as your cloud backup for windows

use Box not only as cloud storage but as your cloud backup for windows

Lots of people, myself included, took advantage of Box.com’s 50Gb online storage offer by signing up a new iOS account through the service. I wanted to turn that into my cloud backup service, but Box Sync didn’t do it for me. Windows couldn’t natively do it either. So here’s what I did so you can sync and backup to Box right from Windows (I’m running 7 by the way).

  1. Sign up for Box if you haven’t already, and if you can sign up for Box for iOS. This will get you 50Gb of storage. If you don’t have iOS you can still use this tutorial to use the space you have on Box.
  2. Map your Box account as a Network Drive. In your Windows Explorer window click on Computer and then Map Network Drive in the toolbar. It will ask for a drive letter to designate for the drive (it can be anything not taken already) and an address. Put it https://dav.box.com/dav for the address. It will then ask for your account information to connect to the server. Check to have your password saved to make the process easier and more automatic in the future.
  3. Set up SyncBack Free for backups. SyncBack will do what Box Sync can’t and was the missing piece in my getting this to work. Install SyncBack and set up your connection following the instructions. It’s all pretty straightforward: set up one side as your Box network drive and the other as the folder you’ll be backing up and syncing to. You’ll need a different profile for each PC folder you want to back up depending on how your folders are arranged. I have one profile for documents and another for pictures. After that test your connection and then you can roll your backups and set up schedules as needed.

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